Studies and Reports

 Many observers have noted that the Chesapeake Bay is probably the most researched estuary in the entire world.  The Coalition has assembled and reviewed a host of reports and studies that comprise that unparalled body of information that exists about the Bay and its challenges, organized by key subject areas below.  The Coalition believes that this information is insightful with respect to some of the economic and environmental issues presently facing the health of the Chesapeake Bay and will enhance the public discourse concerning the issues of concern. 


Additionally, the referenced studies underscore, and in many respects validate, the Coalition's position with respect to Maryland's WIP and the current Bay TMDL.  While reviewing these materials, or related reports and studies from other sources, keep in mind the extraordinary costs imposed upon our local governments (and accordingly, their taxpayers) in complying with the "pollution diet" agenda established by EPA and aggressivley enforced by State agenices, regardless of the questionable approaches of the State WIP.




A skipjack on the Bay
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