The Queen Anne's County Commissioners voted to join the Clean Chesapeake Coalition in August 2014.


 Visit the Queen Anne's County Government website.


Queen Anne's County's Draft Phase II Report.
(Directs to Maryland Department of the Environment website)

Contact the Queen Anne's County Commissioners.

Express your concerns or gratitude.  Contact and inform local government officials.


Learn about Coalition Executive Committee Member: Queen Anne's County Commissioner Mark A. Anderson.

*In joining the Clean Chesapeake Coalition the Queen Anne's County Board of County Commissioners were clear on their intent on not  fulfilling Queen Anne's County's commitment to its current local County WIP: "I move that we join the Coalition only to support the efforts surrounding the Conowingo Dam and that in no way our joining will jeopardize our local TMDL or WIP programs.  I would also request that the Clean Chesapeake Coalition honor this by allowing the County to state our intent on their webpage."


For information on the Coalition's stance on WIPs visit its local WIP Supplement Priorities page.

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